Forthcoming Publication – “Cara the Class Clown”

Have you ever wondered about the secret world of cockroaches and how they can end up in places where you would least expect to find them?

“Cara the Class Clown” is a humorous novel about a pretty little girl cockroach named Cara.

At school, Cara perceives herself to be the Class Clown, and she is very proud of her title. But what Cara has failed to realize is that she is actually being the school bully instead.

Cara struggles to see the negative impact that her practical jokes are having on the others in her class. 

But Cara reaches a turning point in her life when she embarks on a journey filled with danger and adventure where she grows and matures, and finally comes to realize the benefits of true friendship. 

 This story highlights the importance of being considerate of the feelings of others, and how bullying and peer group pressure can have a detrimental effect on the individuals being targeted. 

Although the novel is suitable for children of primary school age, an older audience will also enjoy Cara’s antics and the humorous aspects of the book.