About Us

The Flying Desk is an Australian based independant publisher of children’s books

We work hard to publish children's books
of the best quality

The Flying Desk publishes books which are unique, engaging, interesting and most importantly, exciting.
Our collection of books educate pre-schoolers, Beginner Readers and primary school aged children through the power of storytelling.
Many of the books are educational and contain a take-home message while other publications are purely for fun to entice reluctant readers to become passionate readers (Wouldn’t we all love that!).
The books feature enchanting illustrations, which are bright and colourful, to attract young readers and make the books more appealing to children. 
The Flying Desk collection of books contain vibrant illustrations with easy to read and understand text.
Parents, siblings, grandparents and carers will all enjoy reading these books as much as the children will enjoy having the books read aloud to them. 

Our Authors

Lydia Di Giulio is an Australian Melbourne-based Children’s Author at The Flying Desk who believes in the power of learning through storytelling and the importance of reading books.

Utilizing her primary school teaching skills, Lydia has designed and written a unique, engaging and exciting collection of books for children to enjoy worldwide.

She is very passionate about many topics including bullying and its consequences, and educating children through her wide range of books that have been published by The Flying Desk

Lydia believes that learning should and definitely can be a really fun and exciting adventure in life, and this has been reflected in the collection of books that she has written for children.

Lydia Di Giulio

Children's Author

Bridget Di Giulio

Children's Author