Female Protagonists in Kids’ Books

According to new research conducted by Victoria University mentioned in an article titled, “To the dad belting out The Little Mermaid at school drop-off” in The Age Newspaper, June 6, 2019, “New research from Victoria University reveals that only 17 per cent of kids’ books on the Dymocks bestseller lists have female protagonists.”

The Flying Desk, an Australian independent publisher of children’s books, has proudly announced the New Release of its latest book titled, Cara the Class Clown which is a novel that addresses this gap in the market today.

In the book, Cara is a female protagonist who perceives herself to be the Class Clown at school, and she is very proud of her title. But what Cara has failed to realize is that she is actually being the school bully instead.

Therefore, this novel not only contains a female protagonist but it also tackles the ongoing and disturbing issues still rampant in our schools today, namely bullying and peer group pressure. The book has been designed to show children, first-hand, the detrimental effects that bullying and peer group pressure can have on the individuals being targeted.

Cara the Class Clown has been written as a humorous and exciting children’s novel to engage the reader’s interest, and is unique in that the protagonists in the story are actually cockroaches who display human-like behaviours but still retain their cockroach characteristics.

Although there is a female protagonist in the story, the book also contains male characters and boys will enjoy reading about Cara’s antics just as much as the girls.