A Unique Alphabet Book – “The Flying Desk a-z”

Designed and co-written by a primary school teacher (me!) this innovative alphabet book will educate and give your child the head start they need in life.

“The Flying Desk a-z” is not your typical alphabet book where ‘a is for apple and b is for ball’ but rather will help your pre-schooler develop skills in:
?Letter and colour recognition
?Letter formation
?Learning and identifying common words that start with each letter of the alphabet
?Learning the letters of the alphabet in their correct alphabetical order
?Improving their overall literacy, vocabulary, grammar usage and alphabet knowledge.

With a common-sense approach to learning the alphabet, “The Flying Desk a-z” includes real-life scenarios that readers can identify with and that pre-schoolers may encounter in their normal, everyday lives.

Comprising 288 pages, this fully illustrated picture book contains an exciting storyline to engage the reader, and has been likened to being an alphabet encyclopaedia. The book has been structured so that it can be put away for another day without interrupting the flow of the story, and takes children on an exciting and memorable journey of learning and discovery.